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Bring. On. Warmth.

Our first snow … Big snow of the year,and here I am, writing about gardening. But that’s how it works, doesn’t it? With us gardeners. Just at the time everyone else has given out, gardeners know there is spring under that snow. Just waiting. Just waiting for the warm. Bring on the warm. Please. Oh please. Quite ready for it, thank you!


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First Snow

As a former Master Gardener, I always love the first snow. First, all of my gardening mis-steps (I refuse to call them mistakes!) are covered over. I can start clean. I can feel like I know what I’m doing! The reality of gardening is this simple fact: we are all beginners. So, yeah, I may have a few more tricks up my sleeve about when to plant something, how to protect it, implementing good soil techniques, and such. BUT. I struggle as much as anyone.

I have a full-time plus job that I love, keeps me busy and productive and learn something new everyday. (Another reason I love gardening.) Getting into the garden is a challenge. And when I get out there, I don’t want to come back in.

So, the garden in winter is great for me. I don’t feel guilty for not being outside. And the time I do spend needs to be short – Minnesota winters are not known for being kind.

My short list of things to do now:

  • Trim my indoor plants and give them one (and only one) light dose of organic fertilizer. Water them well.
  • Go over my spring and summer ” what worked” notes. I keep them on our main home calendar on the fridge – easier for me plus I also note things like “first tomatoes” or “first frost” on there too. From my notes I can start a plant and supplies “wish list” in prep for the gardening catalogs.
  • Make a visit to the Como Conservatory. I need my green fix – perfect without the work.

Enjoy the first snow in your own unique ways!

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