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Its been a five months hiatus, but the Mishek Garden is back up and running! This year, I’m focused on some new veggies and fruit in my garden – corn (yes, I know, boring but I’ve never tried it!), gooseberries, plums and some new strawberry plants.

I’m also trying some new (to me) tomatoes, grown from seed. Garden Peach, Pink Brandywine, Paul Robeson, Black Prince, Green Zebra, Yellow Pear and Rose de Berne.

I’m also trying more flowers this year, including Impatiens from seed (“Super Elfin Mix”), African Marigolds, Blue Wave Petunias (off to a slow start) and an Autumn Beauty Mix Sunflower, which is supposed to be a short, vibrant yellow, orange and gold mixture.

I’ll be sharing more photos of my progress on all of these.

Lastly, as some of you dear readers know, I recently started a new job. Although I’ve kept up on my “inside” gardening – starting seeds, repotting, etc. – my “outside” gardening has suffered. I’m facing what feels like a yard of weeds, deer-eaten hostas and shrubs, and unfertilized roses and such. Now (finally) that the weather is working in my favor, I’ll be outside, which means more posts with more photos, but fewer “words”. I’m sure you’ll understand.


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