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The local boy scouts dropped off the Wreaths and Swags we ordered to gussy up the house. Tis the season when they stop by! Each year we try something new for Holiday decorating outdoors. Nothing expensive or tricky. Just a few touches here and there.

Last year I borrowed an idea from my friend Jan B., and used old ice skates as a wreath decoration. It was fine until heavy, wet snows dragged down the actual wreath. (Note to self: start with a heavy duty wreath framework!)

This year we had painted most of the house before the snow flew (“we” meaning my husband Greg). So I have a new background palette to work with – a nice olivey green. And surprise, the wreaths don’t “pop” as much as they used to!

So, off to the side yard to cut red twig dogwood branches. Trim them up + add them to the wreaths. Not too bad.

Redtwig Dogwood in Fall

Redtwig Dogwood in Fall

Tasks this week:

  • Ground is frozen, so cover hostas with ground leaves (these have been mounded up and waiting for a lazy gardener to move them!)
  • Water indoor plants, and check for bugs (found some red “bugs” – commence wiping down with slight soapy, wet dishrag)
  • Dram about an outdoor greenhouse; experiment with straw bales + window is not working! Drat!!!

Practice Gratitude. Be happy with the gifts you have today!


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