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Woke up at 2 a.m. this morning to gentle summer rains and window blinds banging. After church, my husband made breakfast – windows now wide open with bacon frying. Can there be a better smell than fresh earth, rain, bacon frying and laundry in the dryer? Only in summer can I experience this.

Picked three pounds of raspberries in the hot sun, and interrupted many leaf hoppers. I thought at first they were hornets, but thank goodness no.

I’m behind – behind picking raspberries – overripe berries fell at my feet just touching the branches. I’m behind at planting – just got lettuce, fall spinach and beets seeded in. I’m behind at work – at least it feels like it.

Maybe its the season, the knowing we have so few days to go before the kids are off to college, before the frost, before the holidays are with us again.

My seasonal clock is ticking away, and ticking me off.


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