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With cup of steaming coffee in hand (and spilling over onto my boot-clad feet), I played detective this morning to find the newest emerging plants. Here’s a quick gallery. My forsythia is finally blooming, after two long years of waiting. Daffodils from our former St. Louis garden are dividing each year into lovely clumps and clusters. They are fragrant, with a sweet light lemony scent. And primroses – a gift from my Mother-in-law – will soon bloom red. For now, their fuzzy bright green leaves are a welcome spring sight.

I never planted for spring before this house, never really planted for the four seasons. Now, with longer winters and shorter warm season, I plant for year round interest, for even in winter red-twig dogwoods and the orange-white plumes of pampas grass are more compelling than winter white.

Gardening thought: time to plant flowers indoors.


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