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More needed green life as we slog through winter, taken at the Como Conservatory.


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The view from Como conservatory.

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Am I Ready?

Fall bulbs have finally arrived. Am I ready to plant? Each year I think so, then they arrive, and I’m surprised.

This unusual fall weather equals ripening tomatoes plus oak leaves on the ground.

I am grateful for nature’s blessings this year.

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UPDATE…here is the fall harvest update for this year.


I’m ready, my friends. Seed catalog in hand (thank you Fedco Seeds, my long time seed partner). List at the ready. Online ordering up and humming. I’m off and running.

Here are my plans for this season, so follow along as I try to 1.) grow more fruits and vegs this year than last year’s weak offering. (2009 was a MUCH better year!) 2.) watch me fail at three or more new plants – I can NEVER get melons to grow in my garden. Ever. So I’m trying them in a pot, in the front of the house where they will have hot feet (driveway) and hot tops (southern exposure.) I’ll probably still fail. Sigh. 3.) Get in shape BEFORE the gardening season. That means = Yoga, Cardio and Strength training. Ugh.

What am I ordering this year? All OG please (organically grown). List includes:

Beans, Vermont Cranberry / BAD harvest
Beans, Taylor Dwarf / Sick of beans, let go to seed
Beans, Northeaster / Really sick of beans now
Beans, Kentucky Wonder (okay, not OG) / Really. sick. Of. Beans.
Corn, Ashworth OG (expecting this to be eaten by raccoons) / did not ave courage to plan
Melon, Jenny Lind (sucker) / really, this tried to grow, but pooped out late sept.
Cukes, Little Leaf / great little dukes
Cukes, Poona Kheera / lemony dukes, bright yellow
Cukes, Marketmore 76 / huge dukes, but a little woody
Zuchinni and squash – I haven’t decided yet / eight. Ball zuke, nice. Yellow crookneck, okay
Carrots, Tonda di Parigi (great in Minnesota) / oops. Forgot to plant.
Carrots, Nantes Fancy
Radishes, Cherry Belle / lots of leaves, no bulb
Radish, Easter Egg / see Cheryl belle
Onions – still considering seed versus last year’s bulbs / white and reds, but not doing well. Waiting for spring harvest. Will overwinter them.
Lettuce, Black seeded simpson
Lettuce, Salad Bowl
Lettuce, Tango
Lettuce, North Pole
Parsley, Gigante d’Italia
Broccoli, Limba (cutworms will kill this)
Celery, Ventura ECO/BD
Peppers, King of the North
Pepper, Purple Beauty
Pepper, Hot Mix
Tomatillo, Verde Puebla
Tomato, Garden Peach
Tomato, Black Prince
Tomato, Green Zebra
Tomato, Pink Brandywine
Tomato, Paul Robeson
Tomato, Pineapple (new to me!)
Tomato, Old German (new to me!)
Cherry tom, Be My Baby
Tomato, Heirloom Tom Mix
Tomato, Juliet (okay, its a hybrid. great for paste!!!)
Basil, Sweet OG
Cilantro, Caribe

And then am also ordering potatoes!
Organic Fingerlings, La Ratte
Organic Early, Dark Red Norland
Organic Mid-Season, Yellow Finn and Adirondack Red
Organic Late, Butte

That’s it. I’m tired already.

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