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Fall Bulb Time

Bulbs ready for planingSo fast my head spins arrive the bulbs I forgot I ordered. Now is the season for crinkly covered beauties – Allium, Daffodils, Narcissus, Oriental Lilies, White Garlic, Red Garlic, low border mixes and “Purple Sensation”.

To see them out of the bag is both disappointing and exciting. In my mind’s eye, I can see them next spring – the snow still on the ground in the northside, crocus popping up and a cool breeze combing through the remains of the landscape grass. And then these beauties, these lovely orange, gold and yellow circled beauties. Celebrating the spring as will I.

My daughter said that spring was her least favorite time of year, that fall, now, was her favorite. I asked her why and she said it was because its “all brown and wet and cold”. And she’s right, its all that.

But spring in Minnesota is also a trembling pale green sheen, that gently, softly creeps over the landscape. Its cold nights, wet mornings, cool afternoons of hard blue skies.

And its about watching the first allium poke their snoots out from the cold ground. The clover and the daffodils and the primroses unfurling like a rolled sail. Its blinking once and then – there – the first…whatever of the year.

Enjoy this putting-away time. Spring is just around the corner.

P.S. I get my fine bulbs from the Maine co-op at Fedco Seeds (and Bulbs, Potatoes and other things.) I like them a lot. They write black and white recycled paper catalogs and subversive diatribes on the dangers of GMOs. www.Fedcoseeds.com


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I took the “winter” off. In gardening lingo, that means I took part of November through December off from gardening, to focus on holiday celebrations and such. Actually I still “gardened” if you count finding gardening related gifts for friends and family.

Recently, the first 2010 gardening catalogs arrived. Fedco Seeds. Prairie Moon Nursery. Gardens Alive! Jung Seeds & Plants. All familiar friends. All have the same format, style (same plants) year after year.

Gardening catalogs are about continuity and discovery. Dreaming and reality. The yearning to be better, more productive, more elegant or fun or vibrant, all expressed through the plants I dream about, purchase and plant.

And then, in the sweaty, mosquito afternoons of August, pulling weeds and harvesting crisp veggies, the reality of gardening, the hard work, the back aches and finger cuts. Sun burned necks and dirty toe nails.

I love it all. Many have said this, that we gardeners are an optimistic bunch. It’s true. This life balance of reality and dreaming of the future. Nuture and nature.

I’m blessed with a passion for gardening.

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