Waiting for spring 2015


More needed green life as we slog through winter, taken at the Como Conservatory.


Waiting for spring 2015


The view from Como conservatory.




Its true. 2012 was the first year I did not garden since college, more than 20 years ago. Twenty seasons of digging in the dirt, and this year, meh. Oh, I still planted a couple of things….some willows in the back marsh, pots for the front. I divided a couple of hosts, and pulled some weeds. But my point of view was different. I didn’t….care. Wasn’t engaged.

Can’t really say why, and frankly the why doesn’t matter. Or maybe it does. Am I burned out? Did the previous years japanese beetle attack bum me out so much, I had to take a break? Don’t really know. All i do know is this.

No fresh tomatoes. No crisp green beans eaten raw. No garden tan…you know, pale back, sunburned arms? No muscles either, and man am I out of shape.

So. 2013. Am I motivated to garden again? Yes.

Bring. On. Warmth.

Our first snow … Big snow of the year,and here I am, writing about gardening. But that’s how it works, doesn’t it? With us gardeners. Just at the time everyone else has given out, gardeners know there is spring under that snow. Just waiting. Just waiting for the warm. Bring on the warm. Please. Oh please. Quite ready for it, thank you!